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My RHCP story.

DAY 1. On monday me and my friends pretty much stalked down David Mushegain the RHCP photographer and as talked more and more he told us he wanted to take our picture for the new RHCP book coming out which is all about the fans. So we did this sweet photoshoot with him and hung out with him for like 2 hours which was so fucking sweet. Then we gave him a ride to the venue and he asked us if we wanted to come backstage with him and we were like HELL YEAH. So we got to go backstage and watched Josh do soundcheck for a bit and then we just hung in the family and friends room backstage. Soo we were just chillin and all of the sudden CHAD MOTHERFUCKIN’ SMITH pops his head in and i’m like “HEY OH MY GOD CAN I GET A PICTURE WITH YOU?!” He was soooooo funny and chill and we hung out with him for like 15 minutes. It was so amazing and I was freaking outm So we were just about to leave to go watch the concert when David asked us if we wanted to be on the Guestlist for the next show and we were like HELL YEAH. So we got free VIP PASSES to the next show!!
DAY 2. After the second concert we hung out backstage and like 10 minutes later we meet Mauro Refosco the amazing percussionist! He was super nice.. and fun fact of the day he is in Atoms for Peace! So that was awesome.. But seriously like 5 minutes later I see ANTHONY KIEDIS coming down the hallway riding a bike and I just stood up and ran out and was like “ANTHONY CAN YOU COME HERE PLEASE?!” When we first made eye contact I almost peed myself, I have never ever have made such beautiful eye contact with someone like that before.. He would just like stare you and it’s so hard to explain but holy moly it was amazing. So we talked and I told him how much I loved the new B sides and how Love Of My Life is such a beautiful song and all this other stuff He also doesnt like to take pictures with fans he didnt really explain it very cleary but he just doesn’t like to do that and I respect him for it. I was seriously shaking when he was writing me my auotgraph, I was in shock that right in front of me was my hero, the man who sings all my favorite songs. I just felt so blessed and happy, it was truly the happiest moment of my life. Right before Anthony left I said “Anthony I just want you to know that meeting you made my life complete.” He didn’t say anything, he just looked and me and it’s so hard to explain but I felt an connection its like he knew how much this meant to me and it was such a powerful moment. I’m sorry if i’m sounding cheesy, but even my friend said that he could tell how much this moment meant to me. I still honestly can’t believe I shook that beautiful mans hand. Also HE IS SOOOO FUCKING SEXY IN PERSON… LIKE HOLY FUCK.
Day 3. The last concert :’( :’(. So again after the concert I went backstage and hung around and Josh walks into the room and my mouth just dropped. He was so nice to everyone in the room and was willing to talk about anything and sign anything anyone wanted. He was a little awkward but it was so cute. He sat next to me on the couch and I thanked him for everything and I told him how much I appreciate what he does and how frickin’ awesome he is. He was great and I loved how chill he was.

So… sorry about the rant. But this week really changed my life. All my dreams came true and I am still in shock. The moral of this story is that stalking really does pay of in the end.